Marietta Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital and has been proudly treating the beloved pets of the Jacksonville community since 2000. We simply adore our animal friends and understand the value a pet brings to a person's life. For this reason, here at Marietta Animal Hospital, we offer your pets the very best! We believe your pet's experience should be fear-free as well as stress-free for the pet owner.

We offer preventive medicine and vaccinations as well as spays, neuters, and dentals. Our skilled surgeon also performs knee repairs, fracture repairs, mass removals, bladder stone removals, abdominal exploratories, and splenectomies just to name a few.

If you are looking for a veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL, the veterinary professionals at Marietta Animal Hospital are ready to assist you. Take advantage of our chat feature to request a wellness check, inquire about boarding your pet, schedule grooming, or receive a refill for medications or special diets. You may also request a virtual consultation about your pet's condition if you have concerns about social distancing or if traveling causes your pet too much anxiety.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff

Our veterinarian, Dr. Kelli Sanders, served in the United States Army for nine years in the Veterinary Corps. This makes her the ideal person to treat K-9 corps and other service and emotional support animals. Dr. Sanders also has extensive experience working with large animals on her family's dairy farm. Our Veterinary Tech, Arin, now performs any necessary veterinary services on cattle. Certified Veterinary Technician Sheri handles surgeries, while our groomer, Stephanie, and our kennel assistants, Madison and Amanda, ensure that your pet receives the careful grooming, fun exercise, and pampering they deserve. Alicia and Anna, our most recent hires, continue to pursue their veterinary education while serving the needs of your pets.

Full-Service Emergency Veterinary Services

Whether your pet needs spay and neuter services, dental care, or exploratory surgery, Marietta Animal Hospital has you covered. At our state-of-the-art emergency animal hospital, and will diagnose and treat any conditions your pet may be experiencing. If your pet has experienced an injury, our veterinary surgeon can set fractured bones, replace knee joints, and perform splenectomy. If your pet has developed a mass, we will perform a biopsy and remove it. Finally, if your pet's medical issues include urinating in inappropriate places, we can test for kidney problems and remove any kidney stones to restore your pet to perfect health.

Appointment Options

Our veterinarian's office, conveniently located west of downtown Jacksonville, FL, lies near the-10 and I-95 interchange. Appointments can be scheduled between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM Monday-Friday. Our caring kennel staff ensures that dropping off and picking up your furry companion takes as little time as possible. Take full advantage of our Saturday TeleVet options so that your pet receives the necessary veterinary care without having to leave home. Our offices remain closed on Sundays, but our technicians continue serving our boarded guests 24/7.

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