Fact: Pets may not show signs until late in the course of heartworm disease. That’s why we need to run regular tests! DYK? 27% of cats infected with heartworms are indoor-only. (Darn mosquitoes flying into the house!). So why haven’t we tested your cat lately?

Cats are hard to detect disease of any kind, much less heartworm disease. Cats are susceptible to heartworm disease. We have diagnosed 2 cats within the past 2 months here at Marietta AH. Is your cat next? Unlike dogs, there is no direct treatment to rid the cat of the adult heartworms. There is a preventative! Centragard is a topical product that kills the microfilaria (baby) stage of the heartworm as well as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. All this in a single application!

We here at Marietta AH have taken the next step in ensuring your cat is protected by requiring an annual heartworm test for every cat. We can not kill the adult heartworms in the cat, so the only solution is to prevent them from growing into adults.