Our veterinarian at Marietta Animal Hospital takes a multidimensional approach to pet healthcare. Detailed examinations are combined with listening carefully to your account of your pet’s behavior, habits, and subtle signs that you may have noticed. The pets in Jacksonville take advantage of the sunny weather and lush green yards with frequent playtime in safe, fenced-in areas. Unfortunately, your pets could be exposed to allergens and other sources of skin irritation whether they spend their time outdoors or inside. Our team at Marietta Animal Hospital offers a wide array of veterinary services to care for your pet, including any dermatological issues.

How Pets Get Dermatological Issues

Skin problems are one of the most frequent complaints seen at our animal clinic. They are especially common in areas with a warm climate like we have in Jacksonville, FL. To maintain a healthy coat and keep a protective barrier between your cat or dog and their habitat, pets groom themselves regularly.

Pets will often develop a rash or another skin irritation due to compulsive grooming to the point of creating sores and inflamed areas. Areas where your pet scratches, licks, and chews excessively, can become dry and scaly or moist and oozing. These affected areas are known as hot spots. These hot spots bring about a secondary problem of infections in addition to the root cause of the rash.

Warning Signs

Skin inflammation and itching in pets can occur for myriad reasons, such as a flea or tick infestation, mosquito bites, or allergies to plants and other stimuli found in the environment. It can even be a symptom of maladies in other parts of the body like gastrointestinal problems.

You know your pet well and will be the first to notice when it behaves differently, indicating that it is uncomfortable, sick, or in pain. Watch for frequent scratching, reddened skin, bald spots, flaking, tiny dark dirt-like debris on bedding, or swelling.

The Importance of Veterinary Care

Problems with your pet’s skin can cause constant irritation and can quickly go from uncomfortable to downright miserable. Allergies can cause dangerous reactions. Flea infestations will get worse if left untreated, leading to constant bites and pain all over the skin and possibly anemia from loss of blood.

Our veterinarian needs all of the information you can give about your pet’s demeanor and daily surroundings, especially if the cause of the skin problem is difficult to identify. Allergens can prove particularly challenging to narrow down, so medication may be necessary to keep your pet comfortable until the source is identified.

Get Help for Your Pet’s Skin Problems in Jacksonville, FL

Our animal clinic has provided relief for many pets suffering from a wide array of skin problems. Call our team at Marietta Animal Hospital today at (904) 783-2574 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanders.