Why Does My Pet Need Bloodwork?

Our veterinarian may recommend bloodwork for your pet in several different scenarios. Rest assured, it does not necessarily mean something is wrong with your dog or cat. Rather, a bloodwork analysis can help determine if your pet is healthy enough to receive anesthesia or it may be part of a routine wellness exam. Dental surgeries, including teeth cleanings, will often involve bloodwork as a precaution. At Marietta Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, we will let you know if we think your pet needs bloodwork and get your authorization before proceeding.

Routine Exams and Testing

When you take your pet to a veterinarian for the first time, your dog or cat will probably need bloodwork. This helps the vet determine whether the animal is heartworm positive, can undergo spay or neuter surgery, or just to get an initial assessment of the animal's overall health. If your dog or cat is considered a "senior," bloodwork may be ordered as a preventative measure. Like humans, as animals age, they are more susceptible to developing diseases and disorders like kidney disease. Tests involving bloodwork can help our vet confirm a medical disorder, along with clinical signs and symptoms.

Another reason why our veterinarian in Jacksonville may recommend bloodwork is due to the need for anesthesia. Since pets may need to get the tartar and plaque professionally removed from their teeth periodically, anesthesia is used so the vet can do so easily. Most animals tend to resist having their teeth brushed or cleaned, making it quite difficult or impossible without them being unconscious. Bloodwork will determine whether there is a problem with your pet's organs that would likely rule out the possibility of anesthesia.

Non-Routine Veterinary Testing

Sometimes a dog or cat will exhibit symptoms that indicate the animal is feeling ill or not functioning normally. For example, the animal may have stopped eating or has started to drink more water. Without any clear signs of injury or illness, the veterinarian will need to perform bloodwork to assess whether the organs are functioning within normal ranges. Abnormal creatinine levels, for instance, could indicate developing kidney disease.

Bloodwork for Pets in Jacksonville, FL

If our vet orders bloodwork for your animal, most of the time you will receive a report. Dr. Sanders will go over this report with you and answer any questions you may have regarding her findings. At Marietta Animal Hospital, we strive to provide compassionate care for every pet we treat. Call us today at (904) 783-2574 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.