There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a puppy or a kitten. You can expect to live with your new furry friend for ten to twenty years. Make sure your pet is given the best chance at living a long life with regular trips to a veterinarian. Our team at Marietta Animal Hospital in Jacksonville has gathered a few tips to provide and happy, healthy life for your new puppy or kitten.

Check Your Home for Dangerous Items

Puppies and kittens are like babies in that they put everything into their mouths. Make sure all household chemicals are in drawers or child-proof cabinets. Keep anything that could be swallowed out of reach. The best way to make sure your home is safe is to get down on your hands and knees to mimic what your puppy or kitten sees.

Find an Emergency Animal Clinic

The best time to find an emergency veterinarian is before an emergency occurs. Find out from your veterinarian where to find a 24/7 emergency animal clinic. Keep the phone number on the refrigerator, in the car, and on your smartphone in case an emergency arises. Take a drive to the emergency animal clinic to be sure you know how to get there.


Whether you live in the city or country, many deadly diseases can be prevented with routine vaccinations. Make an appointment to get your new pet examined thoroughly within a few days. Some vaccinations need a booster shot in a couple of weeks. Most local or city laws require pets to be vaccinated against rabies since it can be transmitted to people.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Everybody loves puppies and kittens. Unfortunately, so do fleas and ticks. These parasites not only make your pet miserable, but they can also make you and your family miserable. These pests are easily preventable with topical and chewable preventative treatments that you can get from our veterinarian. As a bonus, these medications often protect against diseases spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can transmit deadly heartworms through their bites.

Spend Time Getting to Know Your Pet

Prepare to spend many hours getting to know how your pet does things. Know how your pet normally eats, sleeps, drinks, pees, and poops. When it does not act normally, it is often the first sign of sickness. Many illnesses can be successfully treated by a veterinarian if caught in time.

Get Quality Veterinary Care in Jacksonville, FL

New pet owners often have many puppy care or kitten care questions that only a veterinarian can answer. Call our team today at (904) 783-2574 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanders.